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    HR Training for your HR Manager or HR team
    Professional coaching for your teams and managers

    for your HR manager

    Development of an appraisal system

    Creation of job descriptions

    Recruiting excellent teams

    Developing your company culture

    Professional advice
    on Human Resources
    Developing an HR strategy
    Training in management, communication, absence management, stress management, change management, ...
    Developing an absence management strategy

A few examples of solutions we have provided

Working as a team to ensure continuity within a department

The objective of this assignment was to ensure the successful functioning of a Training Department until the arrival of a new Training Manager. During the assignment we worked closely with the client to provide them with the number of days of availability required, ensuring a comprehensive approach that made our solution all the more efficient.

Recruiting talented individuals

Many clients entrust us with finding them talented new individuals. Thanks to many years of experience in recruitment working with a wide range of different profiles and the use of tools such as Process Communication and Transaction Analysis, we are able to help them choose the most suitable candidates. Successful recruitment involves taking into account the suitability of competencies, profiles, company culture, values, the existing team and the line manager. Projects have been carried out in French, English and Dutch.

Project Management…

We have managed numerous Human Resource projects: ensuring professional competence in a range of different sectors and putting into place HR policies and procedures, whilst working in a bilingual environment (NL / FR).

Enhancing a team of specialised engineers in Germany

A large Belgian high-technology company needed to develop a team of fifteen specialised engineers for its new site in Germany. We managed the recruitment process from end-to-end as an external HR consultant: choosing CVs and contact with the applicants to HR interviews on-site in Germany, providing advice on the choice of candidates, drawing up the contracts and job descriptions, monitoring contracts and ensuring the engineers settled in quickly in their new environment. 

This was all carried out with careful attention to ensure that we put forward profiles that met the high technical requirements, but also embraced the company’s values, the site manager and the nature of the team.

A significant decrease in absenteeism rates…

The absenteeism rate in a large transport company was over 10% in some departments. The management decided to take things into hand by finding solutions to reduce these rates and therefore cut costs.

We developed the following solution: a study of absenteeism rates was carried out and was used to communicate the situation to line managers, trade unions and staff. The study included an assessment of the causes behind absenteeism and a simple, practical, concrete action plan was drawn up and put into place.

Results: According to national studies, acceptable absenteeism rates are around +/- 4%, per year. Within one year, the department in which the absenteeism rate had been above 10% saw a drop to just 4%. And after two years it was down to 2%! The overall rate in the company, which had been over 6%, fell to 4% after one year, and after two years rates were down to 3%, and finally dropped to just over 2%.

We have also set up a Development Centre to help companies consider the future careers of their potential staff by taking into consideration their competencies and interests… performance reviews… workshops on internal communications, Human Resource strategies and company culture…

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