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If you are the manager of a small/medium-sized business or a Human Resources Manager, in any line of business, you may be confronted with the following situations:

- Your teams need coaching, training or mentoring to achieve an objective or take up a difficult challenge
- You would like to establish a performance appraisal system or develop an HR project
- You are looking to work on team building and development…

- You need to redefine your staff’s
job roles
- You need to define and establish a transparent
recruitment system
- You need to develop your
company culture
- You need
HR advice for your HR Manager or your HR team to avoid strategical errors and maximise the performance of your HR Department

    SENSINK can help you achieve higher performance levels, reduce staff turnover and absenteeism, as well as guiding you in your programme to develop staff loyalty, increase productivity, and improve team spirit.

    SENSINK can provide solutions to all your HR problems, leaving you free to concentrate on your business priorities.

    SENSINK, provides you with expertise and solid professional experience in Human Resources gained through handling numerous large projects for well-known companies.

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If you are looking for a new career path or are faced with professional challenges…

SENSINK can help you with professional coaching.

What is professional coaching?

Professional coaching is an original approach that is neither consultancy, nor training or personal development. It is a solution that involves guiding and supporting a person through periods of change to ensure they achieve their professional goals.

Why professional coaching?

Psychological studies have shown that in order to change, a person needs:

1-to be able to talk to somebody

2-a relationship based on trust

What does it involve?

Professional coaching is based on the principle that a person will look at a challenging situation in a certain way. By helping this person see the situation from another angle, it is possible to enable him/her to develop a different perspective and discover new options. It is about working on a person’s perception of reality. By changing this perception, it is possible to change behaviour.

CV reviews and skills appraisals

You have made some great resolutions for 2016 and have decided to approach the employer of your dreams... SENSINK also gives professional advice to help you make your CV and covering letter attractive to employers.

Would you like to understand your strengths and weaknesses better to get you ready for job interviews? SENSINK can help you by carrying out an appraisal of your skills.

If this is what you are looking for, contact us.

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