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SENSINK accompagne la transition des écosystèmes humains

SENSINK is a Belgian company founded in 2010 by Anne Burniaux.

From the acronym SENSitivity & thINKing, SENSINK represents the complementarity of the right-hand brain (seat of emotional intelligence) and left-hand brain (seat of rational intelligence): full Human potential.

Like a SEED, which concentrates LIFE and contains all the transformational qualities, SENSINK supports the transition of human ecosystems. Specialising in awakening individual and group potential, SENSINK awakens Humans, the heart and soul of tomorrow’s human ecosystems, companies and organisations.

SENSINK sows the ‘seeds of life’ with 4Ocean to support ocean cleaning, tree planting and the conservation of the ocean ecosystem.

Anne Burniaux · Founder

…SENSINK supports you in your seed-growing process

Why does SENSINK exist? 

To awaken the heart and soul of tomorrow’s human ecosystems, companies and organisations and help build a new world.

SENSINK réveille les potentiels et l’âme des entreprises




What does SENSINK do?

SENSINK supports individuals, teams, companies and organisations to awaken potential and sow the seeds of ‘Human relational Ecology© and sustainable management’ in their ecosystem.

How does SENSINK support you?

By Respecting Humans and Living Beings, we believe in each person’s potential. SENSINK sows the seeds of Simplicity: tailored ecological, relationship and human solutions. Our team supports you with Transparency to create lasting trust between us. It’s also our commitment to the ongoing improvement of our practices in order to anticipate your needs today and tomorrow. We bring a lot of Enthusiasm so that your projects germinate and come to fruition.

Transit to another world

  • From the company culture and fixed values… to DNA full of meaning and living values.
  • From the complexity of change and management… to resilience and simplicity for a manager creating a human ecosystem.
  • From relationship complexity, … to human relational ecology.
  • From the team diagnosis … to the resilient and cohesive team.
  • From burn-in, burnout, brown-out, bore-out … to the ecology of the self; stress, working conditions and human ecosystems.
  • From Executive Assessment … to Executive Appraisal, a predictive and kaleidoscopic assessment.
  • From senior skill leakage… to sustainable relational ecology between generations.

Sustainable coaching

We awaken your potential: sustainable coaching is a method to help your seeds grow.

HR - Human Relations and Management consulting
We sow seeds with you to develop your ecosystems and your HR team in terms of all its HR aspects, both soft and hard.

experiential workshops
We promote experimentation in situations ‘outside the company’ to develop new skills more quickly.

Seedessence© Mentoring
Our unique methodology, which is recognised by many clients, anticipates your needs and provides simple, practical and sustainable solutions.

Seedessence© Academy for HR in transition
We equip the HR talent of tomorrow so that they can build the human ecosystems needed for the future.

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