Our Seedessence® mentoring

Mentoring et développement de compétences

Anne Burniaux has developed a unique methodology for SENSINK, based on a scientific approach and the core of her knowledge and professional and life experiences. This methodology, which is recognised by many clients, anticipates your needs and provides simple, practical, innovative and sustainable solutions.


The Seedessence® mentoring approach makes it possible to extract the essence, the DNA (seed essence) and to restore meaning (orally: seed & sense) in situ. For Human Beings to be fulfilled in their ecosystem through a method focused on experimentation, research and applying their own solutions as well as using tools (SENSINK cards). Our methodology acts as a catalyst to develop one’s potential and skills.

Our goal

The Seedessence® mentoring approach is practical, active and participative. It stimulates the right-hand brain: holistic, intuitive and non-linear thinking; and the left-hand brain: linear thinking, consideration, analysis and structuring. The combination of both enables accelerated and sustainable learning. Mentoring gets change moving.

For whom?

Seedessence® mentoring is an approach developed for individuals or teams and it enables participants to contribute to their sustainable learning.


Our SENSINK cards : « Keys for a human relational ecology and a sustainable (self)management© »

Created in 2015 by Anne Burniaux to meet her clients’ needs, the SENSINK card pack is used in our individual and group Mentoring. It has been adopted and approved by around 70 users.

This pack has a multitude of practical tools on self-knowledge, communication, motivation, management, change management or stress and burn-out management to develop new skills.

Our goal

To give you very practical, simple and concrete keys that enable you to get to know yourself better, manage yourself and optimise your relationship with yourself, the environment and others.


This ‘Human relational Ecology© approach’ enables you to sort and simplify this three-dimensional relationship: relationship with yourself, the environment and others. It opens the door to sustainable relationships from all these angles.

For whom?

It is designed to offer our clients teaching materials that will facilitate the everyday use of the tools provided through mentoring.

SENSINK reinvests a percentage of the profits from the sale of its SENSINK card packs, which are ‘seeds of life’, in 4Ocean: to support ocean cleaning, tree planting and the conservation of the ocean ecosystem.

Card pack SENSINK - Mentoring and compentency development

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To become a Seedessence® Mentor


We are offering a Seedessence® Mentor qualification to enable professionals to use our methodology and card pack in their work.

Our goal

A qualification course with 4 themes: methodology, process, card pack, evaluation and supervision.

For whom?

For coaches, relationship professionals, who want to become a Seedessence® Mentor to enable them to provide our methodology to their clients.

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Human Relations (HR), coaching, mentoring and sustainable management consultancy

Sustainable coaching

We awaken your potential: sustainable coaching is a method to help your seeds grow.

HR - Human Relations and Management consulting
We sow seeds with you to develop your ecosystems and your HR team in terms of all its HR aspects, both soft and hard.

experiential workshops
We promote experimentation in situations ‘outside the company’ to develop new skills more quickly.

Seedessence© Mentoring
Our unique methodology, which is recognised by many clients, anticipates your needs and provides simple, practical and sustainable solutions.

Seedessence© Academy for HR in transition
We equip the HR talent of tomorrow so that they can build the human ecosystems needed for the future.