Seed of service and daring


Through our support, we sow seeds.

SENSINK has been sowing seeds full of life for 13 years that are revealing, motivational and inspiring for its clients.

Sustainable coaching

Coaching durable, bienveillant et créatif éclosion de soi


We awaken your potential with sustainable coaching that is a means to support you in the process to grow your seeds. Our sustainable coaching is designed for individuals going through a professional transition, seeking meaning, self-knowledge and resilience. Accelerating sustainable solutions and the acquisition of new behaviour, coaching helps the coachee achieve their professional or personal goal. All profiles, whether left-brainers, right-brainers or atypical, are welcome.

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HR – Human Relations and Management consulting

Conseils RH pour un management durable et bienveillant


We sow seeds with you: 

  • For HR (Human Relations) management and HR strategy
  • For competent and effective teams
  • Motivational seeds, for Well-being at work and cohesive teams
  • For transition in change and sustainable management
  • To grow emotional intelligence and Human relational Ecology©

…to develop your ecosystems and your HR team in terms of all the HR aspects, both soft and hard.

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Experiential workshops

Formation soft skills et workshops expérientiels


Our workshops cover a very broad panel of themes; they are tailored to your needs. We promote experimentation in situations ‘outside the company’ which enable staff to quickly learn new skills, change behaviour and work on management, innovation and resilience, etc. We can also address other themes as you wish, such as self-knowledge, emotional agility, assertiveness, verbal and non-verbal communication, management or change.

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SENSINK is a pioneer and is constantly innovating with daring new seeds to meet its clients’ needs and anticipate those of tomorrow.



SENSINK innove dans des graines d’audace

Seedessence® Mentoring

Mentoring et développement de compétences

Anne Burniaux has developed a unique methodology for SENSINK, based on a scientific approach and the core of her knowledge and professional and life experiences. This methodology, which is recognised by many clients, anticipates your needs and provides simple, practical, innovative and sustainable solutions.

We train coaches on our Seedessence® mentoring methodology.

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Seedessence® Academy for HR in transition

Formation RH - Académie des Ressources Humaines

HR management is a profession that requires high-level expertise in organisational and relationship methods to be able to manage the ongoing transition within companies and organisations. With its different experts and transition programme, our Academy sows the seeds of new skills that are necessary for tomorrow’s HR profession.

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Workshops facilitated by horses

Equicoaching - Coaching expérientiel facilité par les chevaux

SENSINK offer you Human relational Ecology© learning and sustainable management workshops facilitated by horses. An original combination of two approaches to experiment with sustainable communication and relationship management tools to enable spontaneous integration of the emotional agility process. The aim is to form a secure relationship with the horse to let it mirror your emotions and your ability to manage them with total agility, through ground exercises that you will be given in connection with the theme addressed.

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Because we all have a seed in each of us that just needs to grow… SENSINK supports you in your seed-growing process

SENSINK awakens the heart and soul of tomorrow’s human ecosystems, companies and organisations and helps build a new world.

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SENSINK accompagne la transition des écosystèmes humains

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