Seedessence® Academy for HR in transition

Formation RH - Académie des Ressources Humaines

To meet our clients’ current and future needs, we have developed a Seedessence® Academy for HR in transition.

Companies are currently undergoing a clear transformation due to the new market landscape that is emerging and the rapid changes in the world. This context involves a transformation of the Human Resources Management (HRM) function: it has a role to play in the transformation of organisational and relationship methods in human ecosystems.


HR management is a profession that requires high-level expertise in organisational and relationship methods to be able to manage the ongoing transition within companies and organisations. With its different experts and transition programme, our Academy sows the seeds of new skills and sense that are necessary for tomorrow’s HR profession.

Our goal

To equip the HR talent of tomorrow so that they can build the human ecosystems needed for the future. To ramp up the soft skills already acquired or that need to be acquired to provide the new HR keys that will be necessary within the context of transition.

For whom?

For all Human Resources professionals: HRD, HR Manager, HRA and HR employees who want to meet this challenge and very concretely prepare to deploy new skills that are specific to new organisational and relationship methods.

Let’s choose the seeds to sow together to make your project a reality

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Human Relations (HR), coaching, mentoring and sustainable management consultancy

Sustainable coaching

We awaken your potential: sustainable coaching is a method to help your seeds grow.

HR - Human Relations and Management consulting
We sow seeds with you to develop your ecosystems and your HR team in terms of all its HR aspects, both soft and hard.

experiential workshops
We promote experimentation in situations ‘outside the company’ to develop new skills more quickly.

Seedessence© Mentoring
Our unique methodology, which is recognised by many clients, anticipates your needs and provides simple, practical and sustainable solutions.

Seedessence© Academy for HR in transition
We equip the HR talent of tomorrow so that they can build the human ecosystems needed for the future.