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Consultant senior, coach et formateur RH

Anne Burniaux - SENSINK

Anne Burniaux · Founder

With her sociologist’s perspective and love for nature, Anne sows seeds and sketches the Human ecosystems of tomorrow.

She uses the core of all her knowledge and professional and life experiences to disseminate innovative and sustainable solutions – concrete tools that meet the current and future needs of individuals and companies searching for meaning.


Discover our DNA

Before creating SENSINK, her seeds in company

Anne worked for 7 years as Director of Human Resources at Brussels South Charleroi Airport and 4 years as Head of Soft HR at SONACA.

Her seeds of experience

Over 24 years spent in the field of Human Resources, spreading motivation and encouraging independence, Anne specialised in Human development, Human transitology©, communication, management and Human Relationship Management. She created an innovative Seedessence® methodology for: mentoring, workshops and the Seedessence® Academy for HR in transition

Her seeds of study

After having done a master’s in sociology and a European master’s in mediation, Anne continued to grow her seeds with regular training. She has trained, among other things, in Transactional Analysis (101, 202, 303), Coaching, the Process Communication Model® (certified trainer), the Catell 16PF (psychometric tool), Berne’s Organisational Theory, Karpman drama triangle, the LOD®.

Her seeds as a catalyst, alchemist and extractor of quintessence

Anne supports human ecosystems, companies, organisations and individuals through the paradigm shift. She uses support, coaching, mentoring and training as well as human permaculture to enable individuals and companies to connect with their DNA and deploy their full potential.

Her seeds in wearing different professional hats

Since 2009, Anne has supported her clients wearing the different hats of HR consultant, mentor, trainer and coach. She supports companies of all sizes, both in Belgium and abroad, on a wide range of HR projects, as well as training and coaching assignments for burnout situations.

Our multi-potential ecosystem

SENSINK is a team of consultants, coaches and senior mentors at your disposal… to sow the seeds of Human relational Ecology© and sustainable management within your ecosystem.

They are talking about us

Human Relations (HR), coaching, Mentoring and sustainable management consultancy

Sustainable coaching

We awaken your potential: sustainable coaching is a method to help your seeds grow.

HR - Human Relations and Management consulting
We sow seeds with you to develop your ecosystems and your HR team in terms of all its HR aspects, both soft and hard.

experiential workshops
We promote experimentation in situations ‘outside the company’ to develop new skills more quickly.

Seedessence© Mentoring
Our unique methodology, which is recognised by many clients, anticipates your needs and provides simple, practical and sustainable solutions.

Seedessence© Academy for HR in transition
We equip the HR talent of tomorrow so that they can build the human ecosystems needed for the future.

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